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Mogul Weekly Recap - 2/24/19

Slamming Clips: more Razer Silvers, more fun

Submit to us your best clips from your games, and you can win Razer Silver. The prize distribution is below:

1st place: 300,000 Razer Silver  

2nd place: 200,000 Razer Silver  

3rd place: 100,000 Razer Silver

To participate, join our Discord community here.

Once you have joined the community, find the #best-clips channel under Silver Slam. Submit your videos of 10-30 seconds long and voila! You have entered the competition.

Winners will be announced after the Silver Slam has wrapped up.

Play against influencers!

Register for Silver Slam to compete in daily League of Legends Quick Cups. Win your wildcard and play against The Squad to compete for a prize pool of 3 million Razer Silver and P300,000 ($5,700).

Play League of Legends against these influencers!

-Spice Girl K


-Sir Rex

-Yanna Banana


-Jhanelle Trias








-Een Mercado

-Razzie Binx


Note that this list is available for PH users only.

There’s also a different squad for the Mobile Legends Quick Cups:


-Jay Perillo


-Roller Gaming

-Jayzee Gaming

-Mycah Sasaki


-Jervy Del Los Reyes









-Exile Gee

-Chin Valdes




Note that this list of Influencers is available all throughout Asia.

All you need to do is register at MOGUL.gg, join a quick cup, win a wildcard, and play with the squad!

Apex Legends get a new weapon

Just a couple of weeks in, the game already has a new weapon.

The new weapon is called Havoc. It is an energy beam assault rifle. Along with Hemlock, it is Apex’ highest damage per shot weapon in the automatic mode.

The catch: just like Devotion, the weapon takes time to wind up. In this case, it does not wind up -- instead it starts firing after a delay, which can make it difficult to use in close combat situations.

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Only-support ban

For their first game in the LCL, Vaevictis eSports goes against RoX, a Russian esports organization from CIS. The banning and pick phase for the two teams became pretty controversial, as RoX has decided to ban only support champions Nami, Janna, Lulu, Thresh, and Braum against Vaevictis eSports.

This move by RoX became the talk of Summoners online, as it hints at the sensitive issue of sexism.

Kayle and Morgana rework up

From the video posted by the League of Legends Twitter account, we can see new looks for both Morgana the fallen angel and Kayle the judicator.

There is still no confirmed date as to when these girls will go live on the Summoner's Rift, however both are about to make their debut first on the 9.5 PBE Cycle.

G2 wins the Six Invitational Championship

G2 Esports have proven themselves as a Rainbow Six Siege powerhouse after successfully defending the Six Invitational 2019 by sweeping CIS contenders Team Empire.

The culmination of the Six Invitational also means a new season for Rainbow six fans. Operation Burnt Horizon is now officially revealed as the 4th year of R6 kicks off.

Now official: Next StarLadder CS:GO Major in Germany

StarLadder is set to present the 15thCounterStrike: Global Offensive Major as game developer Valve awarded the hosting rights to the Ukraine-based company. This will be their first-ever attempt to host a CS:GO Major.

The event will be at Berlin, from Sept. 5-8 at the Mercedes-Benz Arena.

The Major will feature a $1 Million USD prize pool as a Valve- sanctioned event and will feature the specific majors format consisting of four regional Minors, Swiss group stage for the New Challengers and Legends Stage, and the playoffs or Champions Stage that will be witnessed in Mercedes-Benz Arena.


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MN | Lara de Guzman

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