/ Mogul Weekly Recap

Mogul Weekly Recap - 12/16/18

From Netflix documentaries to the best K/DA cosplays, here's this week's hottest gaming news.

Dota 2

MegaFon Winter Clash

The winner of the tournament is Team Liquid, who had a dominating run throughout.

The final match saw Na’Vi duke it out against Team Liquid, but Team Liquid continued its authority, defeating the Ukrainian Team 3-0.

In the whole tournament, Liquid did not lose a single match.

TNC for ESL One Katowice

TNC defeats Lotac to win the regional qualifiers for ESL One Katowice. The team qualified for the ESL One Katowice 2019, which will have a prize pool of $300,000. Although the tournament isn't on the DPC and will not provide DPC points, the prize pool is the same as that of a Dota 2 Minor.


r0tK penalized

Vici Gaming coach Bai “rOtK” Fan is in hot water once again after he accidentally left his stream session live last December 10.

But rOtk was quick to issue a clarification regarding the issue.

In a Weibo post, the coach apologized for his behavior on the stream, but also clarified some matters and explains that he only helped a friend from betting.

WESG Southeast Asia Dota 2 Finals

WESG SEA changed rules in the middle of the tournament.

According to the WESG rules, in case of a tie, the team with a win in the shortest game would get the win, followed by a team with the highest kills. WESG did not follow their own rules.

If the rules were to be followed, Veteran from Myanmar would have been given the fourth spot. Instead, the organizers chose to go with a Bo1 round robin tournament between IQ, MEGA Aorus and Resurgence and have the winner play Veteran in a Bo1 match. This did not sit well with fans.

Seeing the backlash, WESG issued a statement of their own on Facebook.

Geplaatst door WESG S.E.A op Vrijdag 14 december 2018

League of Legends

Aatrox leading the pack

Aatrox has taken the top spot for having the most presence this Worlds 2018. The Darkin Blade, Aatrox, has a presence rate of 99.2% worth of 46 picks and 72 bans. On the other hand, the champion with the highest win percentage is the Deceiver, LeBlanc. LeBlanc has a 66.7% win rate with 18 wins and 9 losses.

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7 Days Out

'7 Days Out' is basically a behind-the-scenes documentary highlighting six different events from six different worlds. The concept of the whole show basically revolves around six iconic events -- fashion, food, sports, gaming, and space.

One of the events featured in the documentary is the recently-concluded League of Legends Championship. '7 Days Out' will focus on the League of Legends Spring Finals 2018 -- the North American Championship Series. Interesting.

It's raining K/DA cosplays!

We're sharing with you the top K/DA cosplays we've found on the internet. Looking for cosplay inspiration, or just want to see your favorite pop stars be brought to life? Look no further, because we made a list just for you!

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Geplaatst door Spiral Cats Team op Maandag 5 november 2018


CS:GO flooded with negative reviews

CS:GO’s sudden decision to go fully free-to-play plus the new battle royal mode cranked up their player base, but reviews show that it so far doesn’t bode well to the players.

The past week also saw the sour reception of fans with update for various reasons. CS received over 14K negative reviews at the CS:GO store page on December 7 alone, and the flooding of negative reviews continue to pile up.

Goodbye CS:GO for Virtus.Pro

The VP management has announced that they are ceasing all competitive activities of their CS:GO squad until further notice.

VP announced that they are ceasing all competitive activities of their CS:GO squad until further notice. Read more about this sad news here http://bit.ly/2rBHja2 #CSGO #VP #MogulNews

Geplaatst door Mogul News op Donderdag 13 december 2018

“After London Major we were quite optimistic about the potential of the current lineup. Unfortunately, our expectations were not met. The long term strategy for us is to build a competitive team around young players and we will follow it while making decisions. I’d like to ask our fans to be supportive in the next couple of weeks”.

Intel Grand Slam (IGS)

Astralis bags Intel Grand Slam's $1,000,000 pot with EPL S8 win.

Intel will be giving a gold bar to each Astralis member including coach Danny "zonic" Sørensen. Each bars will bear the receiving members’ name along with the four titles that they have won for the IGS prize.

As per Intel, the $1 million pot is the “biggest cash prize in the history of CSGO for a single team”.


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