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Mogul’s Gaming Playlist

We’ve got some sick beats for all you gamers out there!

Hear us out, will you?

Mogul’s Gaming Playlist in 2019

Are you the type to listen to a few songs to set yourself in the mood for some ranked plays? Or are you just some gamer who’s into good music? Whichever you are, we got some tunes you have got to check out!

  • Pop/Stars (K/DA)

Well, of course you expected this virtual girl group to be on the list. Perfect for some League of Legends matches!

  • Alone (Marshmello)

American music producer Marshmello has just held the first-ever virtual concert, featuring songs from the artist. Our favorite, of course, would be “Alone.” “Happier” takes our second spot.

  • Pastel (Moe Shop feat. Snail’s House)

Filled with colorful beats and sick drops, any Moe Shop is sure to get you going. Plus points for the anime vibes!

  • 7 Rings (Ariana Grande)

You want it? She definitely got it with this chart-topper Ariana Grande song, “7 Rings” from her latest album thank u, next.

  • Nonstop (Drake)

If you’re into heart-pounding, bass-y songs, Drake is your go-to artist! We highly recommend adding Nonstop to your gaming playlist.

  • As If It’s Your Last (Blackpink)

Did you know? This particular track has been featured in DC’s Justice League (2017) film!

  • The Beginning (ONE OK ROCK)

Popular Japanese band ONE OK ROCK will wake up your competitive spirits with their jams. Their track “The Beginning” might even make you start banging your head!

  • Everyday (Logic, Marshmello)

Who games hard? You. When? Everyday.

  • High Hopes (Panic! At The Disco)

This song’s our anthem whenever we find ourselves in a dire situation during a ranked game. Let’s all have high hopes!

What goes in your playlist? Share it with us!


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