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[VIDEO] Mogul of the Month: TNC Pro Team - LOL

Mogul of the Month features amazing esports and gaming individuals or teams who have inspiring stories to tell.

TNC Pro Team - League of Legends is February's Mogul of the Month!

In the first ever Mogul of the Month, we are hitting it off with TNC's League of Legends roster. The team was formed after Piltover's Finest Promotion Tournament back in 2016. Since then the team has seen multiple changes to their lineup, finally settling down a year later with the addition of Demon and Ikaros.

As a group of young and passionate gamers, TNC Pro Team - LOL aims to put the Philippines back in the League of Legends competitive map. Watch them talk about their experiences, their inspiration, and how they feel about the esports community.

Think you have what it takes to be professional players like TNC? Test out your competitive skills by joining any of Mogul's tournaments!



MN | Larcey

MN | Larcey

Larcey stumbled upon esports writing 3 years ago and found her niche! She’s balancing an esports career and family life, and owes her multi-tasking ability to MMORPGs.

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