mousesports down to 3 members; chrisJ ends 5 year stay

mousesports are now down to three members after announcing the departure of Martin “STYKO” Styk and long-time member Chris “chrisJ” de Jong from the active roster.

In a blog post, the German based organization said that “a major change was necessary” following their not-so-impressive run at the IEM Katowice European Minor where they failed to make it to the playoffs. They also hinted that they will rebuild their 2019 campaign centered on remaining members Miikka “sunny” Kemppi, Robin “ropz” Kool and Tomas “oskar” Stastny.

There will be changes in coaching as well with Sergey "lmbt" Bezhanov who was with the team since 2016. He will be put inactive for the meantime as soon as mouz announces a replacement.

An end of an era

mousesports CEO Stefan Wendt added that they have to do changes and work harder to keep the organization afloat at the better part of CS:GO’s competitive landscape.

“After the most successful season of our history, we already saw some issues within the team towards the end of the year and unfortunately we couldn’t turn it around in Katowice. To secure competitive success in 2019 we feel it is necessary that the team gets a fresh start.”

They are still thankful for the contributions of the three members, especially for ChrisJ who was part of mous since October 2013, playing through different variations of the team’s lineup.

"Everyone at the mouseports organisation wants to thank Chris, Sergey and Martin for all the effort they put in and every single one of them will be remembered as an integral part of the most successful season in the teams history."

This marks an end for chrisJ’s long stint with mouz. The famed AWPer became a cornerstone in the mousesports CS:GO history and he was also one of the longest standing members of any CS:GO lineup within the international pro circuit.

2018 was a successful year for the organization as they have won three LAN titles including ESL One New York and StarLadder & i-League StarSeries Season 4. They also finished on top 4 of most significant LANs they’ve attended.

But the inconsistency of their performance, which began at the FACEIT London Major where they ended up winless at the New Legends Stage, arguably caused them to consider a revamp. Despite winning ESL One New York just weeks after the Major, mouz wasn’t able to keep themselves as top contenders and the fallout of the IEM Minors had finally triggered the change.


MN | Neil Martinez

MN | Neil Martinez

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