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N0tail makes it to Forbes' 30 under 30 in gaming

N0tail's achievements this year did not go unnoticed by Forbes

The beginning of this year was tough for Notail. After his co-founder and teammate fly left OG along with S4, it seemed that OG would no longer be able to achieve the green dream. After all, fly had been with the team since its inception and the friendship between fly and N0tail was legendary.

And the effects were showing. The team was 14th in the DPC rankings. They had to go through the BO1 gauntlet in the open qualifiers to secure the spot at the regional qualifiers. Even though they won the regional qualifiers without dropping the game, they were still the underdogs. Their new carry, Topson, would be making his debut on the international stage at TI8 itself, and N0tail had moved from the carry position to hard support.

The Cinderella Story

Yet, they proved that they were to be feared after they defeated Vici gaming 2-0. The next bracket was the fight between EG and OG, the fight between fly and N0tail. Still seen as underdogs, OG were not the favorites as EG had been performing really well. Yet, they proved everyone wrong after they defeated EG and reached the semi-finals, where they defeated PSG.LGD. OG would fight them again in the grand finals, in the series which is now the stuff of legends.

This image of Notail shaking hands with fly after defeating EG at TI8 became viral

Even though they were the underdogs throughout the season, they became the favorites when they reached the Grand Finals and won more than $10 million in prize money.

His leadership, which made this Cinderella story come true, was what made N0tail feature in the Forbes' list of 30 under 30 in gaming. The citation reads:

"Not just the cofounder of the esports team, OG, "n0tail" also captained his underdog Dota 2 squad to an improbable first place finish at The International 8 in August, netting the roster over $11 million in winnings. Sundstein's team is sponsored by Red Bull."

The 30 under 30 honorees are selected from among thousands of nominees in a "three-layer process that relies on the knowledge and authority of our wide-reaching community, skilled reporters and expert judges."

Other than Notail, Ninja, Doublelift, Mew2King and Goddess have also made it to the list.


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