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NCGC Esports wins the Dota 2 Mogul Mayhem finals

The Series 8: Dota 2 Mogul Mayhem ended today with a final between NCGC Esports and Sterling Global Dragons

Every month, Mogul holds the finals for the Dota 2 tournament, Mogul Mayhem. This was the 8th series and NCGC Esports from Philippines is the winner.

The tournament was action-packed, and NCGC Esports battled its way through the qualifiers to reach the Mogul Mayhem finals for series 8. The team barely qualified, as it secured 4th position in the qualifiers. Only the top 4 teams from the qualifiers receive invitation to the Mogul Mayhem finals.

The playoffs were streamed on Mineski Events Team's official Twitch channel. NCGC was given a bye in the first round, after which they battled against Station751 in a Best of 1 match and defeated them. The team then proceed to defeat Otkau by 2-0 in a best of three series, reaching the finals, where it would fight against its Filipino counterpart, Sterling Global Dragons. Sterling Global Dragons had placed first in its qualifiers, but NCGC Esports got the better of them, winning the finals.

In the fight for the third position, the showdown was between Seikai and Otaku. Otaku defeated Seikai in a 2-0 clean win.

NCGC Esports has won $500 in prize money, Sterling Global Dragons has won $350 and Otaku $200. The 4th position holder, Seikai, has been awarded with 15,000 Razer zSilver and all the participants who secured 8th position or above have been given 1000 Razer zSilver. Razer zSilver can be redeemed at Razer zVault for attractive discounts, CD Keys or selected Razer products.

Mogul also holds Daily Cups for Dota 2, with treasures and zSilver as the prize. The registrations for the upcoming Series 9: Mogul Mayhem Qualifiers are open now, so get into action and click on the image below.  


MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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