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Visions of Demacia: League of Legends Teases New Champions

What happened to Demacia?

Let's all find out in League of Legends' newest release and possible teaser for its next champion.

Visions of Demacia

In a four-page gallery published by League of Legends, we can see some teasers for an upcoming champion.

Photo taken from League of Legends website

The gallery goes with the title "Visions of Demacia" and in it we can see some of our favorite Demacians in a bit of a pinch.

The first photo shows the Lady of Luminosity Lux, both arms bound in golden chains.

The second image presents the Exemplar of Demacia, King Jarvan IV, also in chains and unable to get up from his throne. His spear appears to have been thrown in front of him.

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Another champion featured is Quinn, the Demacian wings. The knight looks like she's falling from the sky, with chains locked on her as she plummet down to the Utopian city.

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Lastly, the Might of Demacia, Garen, has been spotted using his ultimate skill the dance of death while also being bound in golden chains.

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These four newly-released images have obviously one thing in common. What can these golden chains mean? Will we be seeing the destruction of the peaceful city of Demacia in the next champion lore?

Check out the full images here and tell us what you can decipher from these champion teasers.


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