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All Champions Have Been Unlocked on Nexus Blitz for a Limited Time!

If you've been wanting to play League of Legends, now is the perfect time.

Be any champion your heart desires this holiday season!

Play Nexus Blitz to experience all champions unlocked.

Riot Mort (@Mortdog), Senior Designer of Riot Games, has made an announcement to cheer us all – summoners can now use any champion they want to in the Nexus Blitz mode!

Photo taken from League of Legends Twitter account (@LeagueOfLegends)

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If you've been wanting to try new champions such as Neeko (The Curious Chameleon), Riot has just opened up the perfect opportunity for you! All champions have been unlocked starting today until the end of Snowdown, the Winter event of League of Legends.

More on Nexus Blitz

Nexus Blitz is one of the various modes in League of Legends. The map comprises of two lanes and a jungle. An ideal team would have three laners and two junglers.

Photo taken from League of Legends Twitter account (@LeagueOfLegends)

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What makes Nexus Blitz interesting is its unique way of combining mini events inside the game.

Nexus Blitz's claim to fame is its event roulette. Every few minutes, one of several map-wide events kicks off with all ten players participating! You'll get to see the first event in champ select, and once you're in game, there'll be a 30-second warning before each event letting you know what mayhem is about to ensue.

To make the game mode more balanced, buffs and nerfs have been added on the 8.24 patch.

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The latest Snowdown test also adds a ban phase for champions.

This feature will be available starting today until the end of Snowdown 2018 (January 8, 2019).


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