A Look into Nintendo and Cygames' Newest RPG Game, Dragalia Lost

Ready to go on an exciting adventure on your mobile phone?

This time, with dragons. This is Dragalia Lost.

A tale of dragons and humans, together.

Nintendo, in collaboration with Japanese developer Cygames, has recently released a fresh action role-playing game called Dragalia Lost.

![](https://old.gamegeek.gg/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/c88f3efb1d56b9dde456324e51273a35.png)Humans and dragons, together. Photo taken from the Dragalia Lost website
At first glance, the game looks somewhat like the offspring of Fire Emblem: Heroes and the hit browser game Granblue Fantasy.

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However, Dragalia Lost is something more than the respective companies’ published games.

The story is focused on the kingdom of Alberia, where dragons are in ruling. One fateful day, the Sacred Shard which protects Alberia suddenly began to lose its effect. Now, the Seventh Prince of the kingdom must go out and make a pact with a dragon to protect the town and its citizens.

Level up your dragon in Dragalia Lost

The controls for this ARPG mobile game are simple enough for anyone who’s been playing gacha-type of games for some time now. If you’re familiar with the likes of Fire Emblem: Heroes, Azur Lane, and Fate/Grand Order, then you’re going to have an easy time understanding Dragalia Lost’s gameplay.

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![](https://old.gamegeek.gg/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/DoAjlPRXkAE2HGf.jpg)Photo taken from Dragalia Lost’s Japanese Twitter account
The action-based combat mainly runs on simple swiping mechanic. To hit an enemy or cast a spell, all you have to do is swipe!

What’s unique in Dragalia Lost is the ability of its characters to shapeshift into dragons.

The characters can borrow the power of dragons, taking on their forms to devastate their foes.

![](https://old.gamegeek.gg/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/4614d17b7341c2d9aba2be1e98a8a4c4.png)Photo taken from the Dragalia Lost website
Players can also do limited-time multiplayer raids with up to three other players online.

Dragalia Lost is now available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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