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Plot Twist: It wasn't Kuku who posted on Weibo

TNC's Manager confessed that it wasn't Kuku but him who posted on Weibo regarding the racism issue

The issue of using racist slurs in game by pro players has opened a can of worms. In Kuku's incident, TNC's Manager has become involved too. In a recent post on Facebook, TNC's manager confessed that it wasn't Kuku, but him who tried to cover up the incident on Weibo.

After a post regarding usage of racist slurs blew up on Reddit, an account in Kuku's name posted on Weibo that the slur was used because a player on the opposite team had the slur as his in-game name. The Chinese community later proved that the statement was false by posting screenshots that showed that the player had changed his name only after the incident.

Since then, Kuku has come under fire for allegedly lying on Weibo. But in a recent post on Facebook, TNC's manager, Jim Paulo Sy, has posted that it was him and not Kuku who made the false statement on Weibo.

"I saw that opportunity to cover up what Kuku did. As a manager, I always saw my job as someone who should make everything easier for the team. Instead, I made it worst(sic). After a few minutes, I posted on Kuku’s weibo account the 2nd post (sic) (Claiming that Kuku only said the word because someone is using it) which I also deleted hours later after confirming that I was wrong. But I want to clarify that I did not pay nor contacted the player to intentionally change his name."
"Why did I just confess now? I was a coward. After I failed heavily on that moment, I didn’t want to mess anything up anymore."

Before TNC’s match against VG. I have a confession to make. I’m sure a lot of you are looking for an explanation on...

Geplaatst door Paulo Sy op Dinsdag 13 november 2018

But this was not taken in a welcome way by fans on Reddit. Many believe that Jim is taking blame because of pressure by TNC to save their player's face. A user by the name of cubhrachan said:

"Pretty normal for companies to find someone willing to take blame and place it on them in order to save face. It's terribly common in China and Japan and wouldn't be surprised at all if it was in SEA as well. Just pay them a bonus to make the spite go down easier."

MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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