Ground Zero Esports lounge opens its doors finally!

Ground Zero Esports Lounge opens an opportunity to a premier gaming experience.

Ground Zero officially opened this September 29, 2018, at Xentro Mall, Antipolo, Philippines. Media and selected personalities were invited to join its grand opening, bringing the premier gaming experience to the North. Attendees got to experience playing and using Ground Zero’s impressive PC specs for free!  Gaming in some areas of the Philippines is just below average. A lot of computer cafes aren’t sufficient enough to supply a hardcore gamers’ needs and wants.

According to Eric Redulfin, one of the forerunners in the cyber café industry, Ground Zero aims to become a venue for gamers to hang out as well as families. The program kicked off with a bang from the band and played the songs we loved from the 90’s. Especially that this event has a retro theme. Free flowing food and drinks were served to those who are a part of the event. Coffee, dessert, cocktails, even Bacchus was there to support the event handing out free cans of the energy drink.

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight!
We hope you all had a great time!

Special thanks to @Logitech and @AorusOfficial! #GroundZeroGrandOpening #EsportsLounge

— Ground Zero (@groundzerophils) September 29, 2018

More prizes, more fun!

Of course, the organizers also gave out keyboards, mouse and some TNC jerseys to lucky winners. There was also an award for those who attended the event wearing their best 90’s outfit. They also awarded prizes to those who took the best selfies during the event. Everyone enjoyed the smooth, lag-free games and ultra-fast upload and download speeds. It is definitely an ideal venue for passionate gamers looking to go pro.

Aside from their high-end games, Ground Zero also boasts of an expansive menu with specialty gaming-themed dishes and drinks. This is perfect for those who wanted to take a break from their battle, to regain their spent energy.

One of Ground Zero’s major objectives is to become an avenue that joins today’s gamers to yesterday’s roots. It also simultaneously links them to people around them – their family friends and the greater community, as the perfect place to gather and connect.