Happy 2nd birthday, Overwatch!

Blizzard surely knows how to treat its Overwatch Fandom, what with all these good stuff lined up for OW players.

Play and join in the Overwatch Anniversary Event

To commemorate this special occasion, Overwatch is releasing a free-for-all death match map, new anniversary items, and new legendary skins!

The FFA deathmatch has been revealed to be located at Petra, the ancient ruins you have never explored before.

Hazards beyond this point. Trespassers risk serious injury or elimination.

Petra may look like a haven for archeologists, but this new map will serve as a deadly battleground for our Overwatch heroes. The last one standing wins!

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Players can also obtain Overwatch anniversary event items such as sprays, icons, and intros and highlights.

Every Anniversary Loot Box is guaranteed to have at least one of more than 190 Anniversary event items, including 60+ new items for this year.

The best part? These event loot boxes can hold past seasonal event items!

New legendary skins are up for grabs!

For the second Overwatch Anniversary Event, Blizzard releases brand new skins for our favorite heroes. We’ve got eleven pristine skins just for this event! These are the new legendary skins that we’re dying to get our hands on:

  • Bitrate Lucio
  • Lightning Tracer
  • Venom Soldier 76

  • Forest Spirit Orisa
  • Buccaneer Junkrat
  • Sherlock McCree

  • Stealth Bastion
  • Magician Symmetra
  • Formal Doomfist

  • Cybjörn
  • Shieldmaiden Brigitte

Feast your eyes on fresh emotes of your favorite heroes! Ready to see Doomfist, Moira, and Brigitte do some dancing?

All hyped up for the weekly brawls

The Overwatch Anniversary Event wouldn’t be fun without the brawls! Here is the schedule for week 1, featuring a dancing Doomfist in his formal attire.

The Overwatch anniversary event will run from May 22 until June 11.

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