The collab everyone's been waiting for -- Overwatch + LEGO is finally happening!

Building bricks plus Blizzard heroes is equal to…

An awesome collaboration called Overwatch + LEGO, that’s what!

Cheers, love! Overwatch + LEGO is here!

Just today, @PlayOverwatch released a delightful teaser of what’s to come for Overwatch fans.

![](, love! Photo taken from @PlayOverwatch’s Twitter video
In the clip, we can see Overwatch’s video game designer Jeff Kaplan at the Blizzard headquarters, tinkering over something.

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The video slowly reveals a mini toy Tracer, which eventually comes into life and exclaims the classic line “Cheers, love! The cavalry’s here!”

The tweet goes with the caption:

Build the perfect team, brick by brick.

Coming soon: @LEGO_Group Overwatch sets!

With two of our favorite things coming out soon, who can resist not spending a couple of bucks for Overwatch + LEGO?

What the fans are saying

Twitter user Jay Howllll  (@JH0wl_) managed to come up with a really witty tweet right after the video’s been posted.

Now we can really build things up and break them down

This funny tweet was immediately followed by another hilarious tweet from Jay.

User @kylogaze wants a LEGO Tracer as accurate as the one in the video.

uh if my tracer lego doesn’t do all that I’m gettin my money back

The best tweet we’ve found from this thread? A suggestion for a special kind of Overwatch + LEGO toy!

![]( and LEGO, please?
### Overwatch merchandise all over the place

Within this year, the amount of official Overwatch merchandise has been overwhelming, especially for fans. We’ve been getting versions of our favorite heroes on Good Smile Company’s Nendoroids, some Figmas, and the latest being a 1:1 prop sword. There’s even a onesie for kids on the Overwatch gear website!

![]( it’s never too early to expose your children to the wonders of the Overwatch. Photo taken from
This Overwatch + LEGO collaboration just adds up to the abovementioned list of numerous Overwatch gear and/or paraphernalia.
![]( want that Pachimari plush! Photo taken from @PlayOverwatch’s Twitter video
**What Overwatch merchandise is Blizzard going to release next? We’d like to hear your guesses!**
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