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Participate In Ana's Bastet Challenge Overwatch Event and Win In-Game Loots

Suit up and earn rewards!

Play Overwatch starting today and get these exciting goodies.

"It was the goddess Bastet. A guardian."

To celebrate the release of a new Overwatch short story featuring Ana Amari, Overwatch is holding the Bastet event!

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Photo taken from 'Bastet,' a short story by Michael Chu

Similar to D.Va's Nano Cola Challenge, victories in Quick Play, Competitive Play, and Arcade will earn you in-game rewards.

Screenshot taken from Ana’s Bastet Challenge | Overwatch video 

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Winning three games will earn you this event player icon:

Photo taken from Overwatch website (playoverwatch.com)

Getting a victory in six games will grant you a kneeling victory pose of Ana, while nine wins gets you the epic Bastet skin.

Screenshot taken from Ana’s Bastet Challenge | Overwatch video 

Play. Watch. Earn.

Aside from the in-game event, Twitch drops have also been enabled by watching select participating streamers.

The rewards are as follows:

Photo taken from Overwatch website (playoverwatch.com)

Be sure to connect your Blizzard Battle.net account to your Twitch channel to earn these amazing rewards!

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Here is the stream schedule for Ana's Bastet Challenge, as seen in the official website.

Unlock special sprays through Twitch drops by tuning in to these Overwatch personalities. The longer you watch, the more sprays you acquire which are all related to the short story 'Bastet!'

After the events of the "Old Soldiers" comic, Ana adopted the guise of a guardian named Bastet. Even without her presence, the lasting rumors and reputation of the fierce protector kept the peace in parts of Cairo.

Read 'Bastet,' a short story by Michael Chu here.

Ana's Bastet Challenge runs from January 8 to January 21, 2019.


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