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What Your Favorite Pajama Guardian Skin Says About You

Let's have a slumber party!

The Star Guardians are having a sleepover, and you're invited!

Pillow fight, anyone?

These Pajama Guardians have officially invaded the Summoner's Rift this week! When they're not fighting to save the world, they're fighting using pillows at one of their slumber parties.

Photo taken from surrenderat20.net

What does your favorite Pajama Guardian skin say about you? Read on to find out!

Pajama Guardian Ezreal

Photo taken from surrenderat20.net

You're not afraid to stand out! People who like Pajama Guardian Ezreal are those who'd attend sleepovers wearing the funkiest PJs in town.

Favorite slumber party activity: playing Twister

Pajama Guardian Lulu

Photo taken from surrenderat20.net

The energy ball in any group! Everyone might be tired from the earlier-day activities, but you just don't seem to run out of vigor! Those who like PJG Lulu are the ones who are fortunate to view everyone's sleeping faces as they sleep the last during overnights.

Favorite slumber party activity: pillow fights

Pajama Guardian Lux

Photo taken from surrenderat20.net

You are the star of the party! A social butterfly to everyone, Pajama Guardian Lux simply shines through her outright friendliness. Like Lux, you can get absorbed talking to anyone and everyone around you.

Favorite slumber party activity: all the games; putting on face masks

Pajama Guardian Miss Fortune

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You give off a mysterious vibe throughout the four corners of the room. You love staring at people and observing their mannerisms. Pajama Guardian Miss Fortune lovers are always on the lookout for interesting people. Upon approaching, give them some punch to ease the tension!

Favorite slumber party activity: using the Ouija board

Pajama Guardian Soraka

Photo taken from surrenderat20.net

Ahh, the softest of them all. Those who like Pajama Guardian Soraka are usually the sleepyheads in the group. As oppose to PG Lulu, Sorakas are usually the ones who fall asleep first, missing out on a lot of activities.

Favorite slumber party activity: eating cookies and milk

Which Guardian Pajama suits you the best?


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