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Patch 7.20c brings some balance changes

Just a few days after 7.20b, 7.20c is already out

Patch 7.20 received a lot of criticism when it came out, because of all the reworks and the changes that caused the game to become a bit unbalanced. Within a day, patch 7.20b was released, and within 3 days of that, we now have patch 7.20c. That is already three patches in a span of less than a week.

"Hit or miss, I guess they always miss, huh?" (Source: u/swag-boii)

Patch 7.20c brings about some important balance changes. Here are the most important ones:

Wraith Band

  • Attack speed bonus reduced from 7 to 6
  • Recipe cost increased from 210 to 220

Wraith Band has received debuffs twice in a row now. The attack speed was reduced from 8 to 7 in 7.20b, and now it is further reduced to 6.


  • Recipe cost reduced from 650 to 600


  • Recipe cost reduced from 650 to 600


  • Recipe cost reduced from 650 to 600

After the nerfs to their stats, the cost of all the three items has been reduced in this patch as well.


  • Cinder Brew activation mechanic has been reworked. It now ignites anytime a target is dealt 80 spell damage or more, dealing 20/25/30/35 DPS for 3 seconds. (If you activate it while the debuff is already going, it will extend the ignite debuff duration. If activated after the ignite debuff wears out, a new ignite debuff will be added)
  • Cinder Brew primary buff duration is no longer extended when activated (they are seperate debuffs now).
  • Level 25 Talent reduced from +200% Drunken Brawler Critical Strike to +175%

After being the butt of jokes for adding the fire element damage in the game for Cinder Brew, Valve has removed that and now any spell damage on target, provided that it is at least 80 damage, will activate the debuff.

Drow Ranger

  • Marksmanship now deals bonus 120 physical proc damage against heroes

After the rework in 7.20, Drow basically became a useless hero. They tried to balance her by increasing the attack speed bonus from the passive, but that wasn't enough. Now with the 120 bonus physical proc, Drow has become somewhat useful, but her Precision Aura is still less viable with the AS buff as compared to the damage buff.

Ember Spirit

  • Sleight of Fist bonus damage increased from 35/70/105/140 to 40/80/120/160
  • Level 10 Talent increased from +200 Flame Guard Absorption to +250
  • Level 15 Talent increased from +50 Flameguard DPS to +60

Ember has constantly received buffs for three consecutive patches now, and we will see him a lot more.


  • Agility gain reduced from 3.3 to 3.1
  • Level 10 Talent reduced from +20 Attack Speed to +15
  • Level 20 Talent reduced from +10 All Stats to +8
  • Lunar Blessing night vision reduced from 250/500/750/1000 to 200/400/600/800


  • Divided We Stand XP gain reduced from 50% to 40%
  • Level 15 Talent reduced from +40 Poof Damage to +30

Both the heroes have received a nerf yet again. Even with the nerf in the previous patch, they were both pretty strong.

Outworld Devourer

  • Intelligence gain increased from 2.7 to 3.0
  • Base armor increased by 1
  • Equilibrium slow from 12/20/28/36% to 12/22/32/42%
  • Arcane Orb no longer ignores Ancients

OD's new ability Equilibrium was a big hit to this hero, whose passive was one of his best abilities. It also helped him in farming. But his farming capabilities were decreased with the rework. The Arcane Orb buff balances that.


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