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"I made a gift for my boyfriend because he made it to Platinum Rank."

Where can we find one of these 'girlfriend' things?

Somewhere in the Rift,maybe.

"I made a gift for my boyfriend because he made it to plat"

A post by /user/KimchiChigga went viral on the League of Legends Reddit page just today. In the Redditor's post, a photo of an embroidered Platinum badge using different colors of threads can be seen. It is accompanied with a short narrative of how KimchiChigga made it.

Photo taken from /r/leagueoflegends/

The story is basically something born out of procrastination, as the Redditor doesn't want to study for final exams just yet.

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And so, the girlfriend "lowkey" made this embroidered piece for nine hours straight up. Well now, not studying immediately does some wonders!

Here is a closer look at the embroidered Platinum badge:

Photo taken from /r/leagueoflegends/

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The Redditor even tells how she made the piece.

I embroidered this by hand, I str8 up just took the piece of cloth and drew on it with some pens. Then sewed (sowed?) The outer framework and filled the rest in.

The girlfriend further reveals how her boyfriend made it to the Platinum rank before the season ended. To reward the guy, KimchiChigga summoned up all her efforts to create this really thoughtful and personalized gift.

The post went viral, and got 1.3k upvotes on the League of Legends Reddit page 13 hours since it was posted.

Summoner reactions

Jokes and comments were made as soon as the thread was created. Redditor /user/hopefuil jokingly shares his Platinum achievement, and therefore asks for a thoughtful girlfriend like the original poster. And so, a mini-thread of girlfriend jokes follow...

On the other hand, /user/ Zachykinz complains about the not-so-supportive girlfriend he has when it comes to playing League.

Wow this guy’s gf makes him stuff for playing league. While mine says things like “pay attention to me”, “Let’s go out on a date”, and “You need to atleast shower if you’re going to binge play league for 5 days”

You can view the full Reddit thread here.

Would you make a similar gift for your special someone?


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