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Why I Would Rather Play With My Friends than With Strangers on Queues

Best friends forever, even in the virtual world.

I have learned a lot of things in my seven years of playing online games. This includes lessons and values in a lot of aspects – physical, mental, and social.

This year, I now rarely play online games in the solo queue. Usually, I go with any of my friends who are online for that time. The past years led me to a realization that I actually prefer playing with people that I know, rather than all alone with a bunch of strangers.

Here are the reasons why I would rather play with my friends than with online aliens on online games.

The whole match has more chemistry.

Ever had that one person or one group who you just jive with? Win or lose, it doesn’t matter – what’s important is having teamwork and some extra fun figuring out how to beat your opponents.

It’s less toxic.

Playing together with people you know more often than not avoids miscommunication and mixed signals, leading to a healthier relationship with your teammates. Less flaming, more fun!

You get to know your friends better.

Who would have thought your shy, quiet friend would be this aggressive monster in the mid-lane? Games brings people close, and your friends closer!

Online bonds are maintained.

For long-time gamers, online relationships formed a long time ago and kept up to this day are really valuable. One way to pick up and maintain the connection is either to keep playing the game that brought you, or find a new hobby together. The word is TOGETHER.

This write-up is not intended to discourage you from being a solo or independent player. It’s meant to make you appreciate your friends, online or not.

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