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Dota 2 players and talent are getting sick at Chongqing major

While it is being assumed that Solo and Shadow have contracted food poisoning, Weppas was admitted in hospital due to a kidney stone, and Russian caster Olsior is sick as well.

The controversies just don’t seem to be leaving the Chongqing Major alone. After the whole racism thing, there was the community reaction to the seeding of groups at the major. The seeding seemed arbitrary, even though the teams were made to play seeding matches. This irked the Dota 2 community quite a bit.

Lately, something more serious has happened. There have been reports of players falling ill at the Chongqing major. The first incident came to light after TobiWan tweeted that Solo won’t be playing for Virtus.Pro for their game against PSG.LGD. In a follow up tweet, he revealed that Solo is sick and ArsZeeqq will be standing in for him. The nature of his sickness has not been revealed yet.

The other player who has gotten sick is Shadow. He posted images of himself with an IV drip, admitted in a hospital on Weibo. He let the fans know that he has acute gastroenteritis, which is stomach flu. Tough luck for liquid, since Shadow was a stand-in for Miracle, and now they will have to find a stand-in for their stand-in.

Even the talent at Chongqing Major has gotten sick. Olsior, the Russian caster, tweeted from his handle that he was feeling unwell. But he has not revealed any details as of yet.

The other talent that has gotten sick is Weppas, the Dota 2 observer. He tweeted pictures of himself admitted in a hospital. He revealed that he had had a kidney stone. It was later found out that he had some infection as well, and has been admitted for three days.


MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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