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Pop/Stars Now the Most Viewed League of Legends Champion Music Video

With all the attention they’ve been getting, this girl group is bound to make history and break records

Here’s another achievement for the Rift’s hottest talents.

They go hard ‘till they get it, get it.

Great news for the K/DA fandom! The virtual girl group’s debut song, ‘Pop/Stars’ is now the most viewed League of Legends music video mainly featuring the game's champions.

Photo taken from League of Legends NA website

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Pop/Stars has surpassed the total views for the Get Jinxed music video, a clip dedicated to the League’s loose canon. As of the writing of this article, Get Jinxed has around 77 million views which it has acquired in a span of five years whereas Pop/Stars has a total of 78 million views gained in just a span of weeks.

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While we’re talking YouTube numbers, the Pop/Stars video has also gotten more thumbs up than Get Jinxed, attaining 2 million likes as opposed to around 900,000 thousand likes.

The K/DA fever continues

The hype still isn’t dying down as K/DA-related content is still being produced everyday.

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We’ve seen amazing fanarts being shared and reposted across social media platforms.

There’s also amazing K/DA cosplays which will make you admire the cosplayers for getting every single detail accurately.

Popular YouTube channel Fine Bros Entertainment (FBE) also did an episode of Elders React to K/DA pop Stars.

A local Korean girl group also did a public dance challenge of the song. Check it out!

Lastly, have you heard about this Pop/Stars male cover? It’s out of this world!


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