Chill time with PSG.LGD at PVP Esports Championship

We had the chance to talk to TI8 finalists PSG.LGD, who came to Singapore to participate at the PVP Esports Championship where they finished third place.

The interview was short, but it was enough to get to know more about the Chinese superstars whose affiliation with football club Paris Saint-Germain added up to their international presence.

TI9 in the East

The interview began with their perspective on the upcoming TI9 which will be held at Shanghai, China. They stated that China is the best place for competitive Dota 2, where skillset matters the most.

“To the players for the upcoming TI9, they don’t need to fly out of China. Basically China is about more of skills of the players.” Xu “fy” Linsen added.

The International 2019 comes to China — the next edition of the tournament will move away from North America after 7 years and take place in Shanghai, China. HYPE!! #TI9

— Wykrhm Reddy (@wykrhm) August 25, 2018

TI9 will be the first iteration of the tournament to be held in the East, making Chinese fans ecstatic this Dota Pro Circuit season.

Aside from their insights regarding next year’s grandest Dota event, PSG.LGD had a fun time with the media.

Jian Wei “xNova” Yap, Malaysia’s pride and a now one of the biggest stars in the scene cheerfully answered questions from what he anticipates in Singapore up to novelty ones like which Dota skill he would use in real life.

“Furion because he can teleport here and there easily.” The gleeful support added. It makes sense because he can go back and forth to China and his hometown every now and then!

Singapore – a Dota 2 stronghold

The team has nothing but praise for the event and strong reception of Singaporean Dota 2 fans. They were very accommodating during their signing sessions which was attended not only by local fans but also fans from neighbouring countries as well. It was a great way for the team to keep their fighting form and have a nice trip at the same time in Southeast Asia.

Asked what they love the most in Singapore, they said they like Singapore’s food the most.  They even tried durian and added that they aren’t afraid of the strong smell.