The game was unveiled to the rest of the world on March 20th.

If you are not aware of it yet, PUBG mobile has been released on Play Store and iOS throughout the world.  And it’s free.

The game is a very faithful port to the original version. It has the same feel as that of the one on PC. The same blue circles, the same locations, layouts and the encounters are just as intense. It is amazing that Tencent has achieved it, and I can even run it on my entry level smartphone.

That being said, the graphics aren’t really great. Selecting the Ultra HD option says “Coming Soon” and selecting the HD option says “Coming soon to your device”. The other options are Smooth and Balanced, Smooth being the lowest setting. Even on the lowest setting, the game runs at around 20-25 FPS on my Lenovo K8. I also experienced lag when I played on the Balanced option.

There is also an option for frame rate and currently I am running it on medium. The game is highly demanding on the battery, and quickly sucks the juice up.

Tencent has done a great job with the controls. Though it is still tough to aim on mobile, Tencent made it easier by placing two firing buttons. There is also a separate button to go into the reticle view, and also buttons for peeking. The auto inventory management works really well, and the audio chat is great as well.

Tencent has also made the game a tad bit easier, in the sense that it is easier to reach the safe zone on foot. The minimap will also display the distance to safe zone or the marker in numbers.

PUBG Mobile also gives out rewards for various tasks and logins, and I have already received 4 in the last one day.

PUBG Mobile Review:

A great port, with a bit of performance issues, and not-so-great graphics.


MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

Rudraaksh is a dentist by trade but a gamer by heart. He’s written for adventure sports website and volunteered for a Germany based newsletter, but is currently taking the esports scene by storm.

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