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PVP Esports Championship Day 1: The invites show up

The three invited Dota 2 teams in PVP Esports Championship saw action yesterday for the first time, and they all showed up big time. Read on as we show you around the first day of the event.

It is a big day for Singapore esports, particularly for a Dota event. People who have been in the scene for a while still have the Nanyang Championships last 2015 in their minds, and that event wasn't really one to remember.

But there are a lot of things that this event has so far, been doing right. They have been a lot less ambitious with their Dota 2 space, and ticket prices were significantly lowered down. As a result, the tickets have reportedly been sold out nearly two weeks before the event started.

A massive LED wall will greet you upon arriving at the Suntec Convention Center, and a giant escalator from there will lead you towards the 4th floor where the event is being held. People were restricted fr0m entering before 10:00 am, but the place is convenient enough to wait at. There were no real lines forming up, just a small crowd of people waiting to enter the area.


The schedule for the first day is divided into two, Arena of Valor in the morning and Dota 2 in the late afternoon to evening. The crowd for AoV is challenging - it is a weekday morning after all. The crowd in the other part is great though, as there was a good turnout in the Hearthstone Street Arcade event. It was fun to see hundreds of players with devices of various sizes in one place.


The tickets for the event was sold-out early, but PVP supposedly was giving free entrance to those coming in on cosplay. This guy took that offer, and he was indeed able to enter. Not without people asking for pictures with him though.


The crowd insantly built-up when the Dota 2 games start, primarily because the first match is the biggest one for the day. It was a showdown between Fnatic and Team Secret which the former eventually won. LGD followed that win with one of their own against Boom.ID.

Those two teams who had scored a win played again in the next two matches. First it was Fnatic against Signify, and the next was LGD vs Admiral. Both of them won their matches again, and quite convincingly at that.

Together with the appearance of the invited Dota 2 teams, we also saw the invited English talents who provided analysis and entertainment for the crowd.


Thankfully, a team from both groups getting 2-0 means that we will not be seeing any tiebreaks today. The schedule turned out to be perfect, as the last two matches were elimination matches. Both Signify and Secret were coming off a loss against Fnatic, but Secret showed why they were the better team in this match. They were times that they looked sloppy, buy they were superior in draft, movements, item builds, and strategy. The Indian team showed resistance, but the European team eventually overpowered them.


A small crowd stayed for the final match of the day. Despite the only match-up without an invited team, it was also in essence the only significant match of the day (technically Secret vs Signify is also a do-or-die, but come on). However, matched as they seemed to be in the groups, that was obviously wasn't the case in this game. Admiral completely dominated Boom.ID, winning all three lanes, to earn a guaranteed 3rd/4th place finish and a slot in the semifinals.

The day that was originally scheduled to finish at around 11:00 pm finished past midnight, despite all games finishing 2-0. Hopefully, the technical difficulties have been addressed overnight so we'll have little to minimal delays for day 2

The day should be shorter tomorrow. As usual, the morning is alloted for Arena of Valor games, while the afternoon is for Dota 2. For the latter, only the two semifinals match (which includes all three invited teams) are scheduled. It is to start at approximately 04:00 pm SGT.


We are coming back for the rest of the event.If there is something you want us to bring to you, please let us know in the comments!

You can watch the English stream via their official stream.

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