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PVP Esports Championship Day 2: Domination

There were two semifinals matches scheduled for Day 2, and both of them had the winning teams totally outclassing their opponents. Best-of-five finals between those two winners later today will determine the Champion!

We are moving on to Day 2 of the PVP Esports Championship, and it should be an exciting day. It is a weekend after all, and the quality of games are expected to go up because we are moving further into the competition.

There were a lot of things going on. While there weren't a lot of booths, there were several other games aside from AoV and Dota 2. While we featured Hearthstone yesterday, here is a snap of the competitors in FIFA.


The lucky draw is getting a lot of attention as big prizes were being given away today. Usually, keyboards, mice, and headsets are great loot, but now when laptops and phones are up for grabs. This was great view as telco executives and bosses were being toured around the venue.


Arena of Valor was running all morning, and it was still fun despite a number of technical difficulties which caused delays. The favorites for this tournament is still the Thai-team Alpha X, who remains undefeated in this tournament.


LGD was met with hundreds of fans queueing up for their signing session. The whole team was present, and they were kind enough to also smile for selfies. The Singaporean crowd was also amazing, as the queue was so quiet and organized. I hope that this could be a norm on event signing sessions.


After the signing session of PSG.LGD, we were finally able to taste some Dota action. The crowd finally decided to show up, and we had a good turn-out just as the Fnatic-Admiral game began. Fnatic is in fantastic form, and they displayed that again in this pairing. Aside from the early game of the second match, they were in full control of the series.

Fnatic had their comfort heroes in the first game, and they virtually had the game wrapped early. In the second game, they tried to experiment a bit with their draft which included a Puck last pick. That game was going okay for Admiral for the first 12~ minutes, but Abed coupled from the burst of Centaur and AA (and Io + Wisp in some instances) turned the game around in an instant. In the end, that game was more lopsided than the other with Admiral only getting eight kills.


A high-stakes rock-paper-scissors was the intermission between the two semifinals game, and it was hype! Two pairs of matches went on, with the winner set to bring home a brand new Razer Blade laptop and the loser settling for just a Razer Keyboard.


That was the most hype that the people had in the late evening, as the semifinals match between PSG.LGD and Secret turned to an anticlimactic ending. Team Secret laid down an absolute beating against their Chinese opponents, claiming two straight wins with an average game time of 19 minutes. Those two games were the most lopsided matches of this tournament.


The final day is the most relaxed schedule-wise as there are only three series across the two games, but that doesn't mean that the action will be any less entertaining. The first two series are playoff matches for Arena of Valor, and the last one is the best-of-five finals between Team Secret and Fnatic. The Dota 2 finals is to start at approximately 04:00 pm SGT.

We are definitely returning to the last day of the event. If there is something you want us to bring to you, please let us know in the comments!

You can watch the English stream via their official stream.

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