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PVP Esports Championship Day 3: Putting a flag on Singapore

Team Secret won the inaugural season of the PVP Esports Championship with a hard-fought 3-2 battle over Fnatic. This is their second win in Singapore, the first being their NYC title almost three years ago.

It was an interesting Sunday, and I was looking forward to it because both Fnatic and Secret were coming off very strong performances in Day 2 of the event. Going back home the previous day, I also realized that there were event banners a few MRT stations away from the venue.


The Dota event actually started on time today, for the first time, because the Arena of Valor did not experience a lot of delays and the grand finals finished 3-0. Greeting fans who are making it on time to the 4:00 pm schedule were these nice cosplays just outside the hall.


It was a hyped-up rematch of the very first match of this Dota 2 event. As good as Secret was the night before though, it looked like Fnatic had total control of them as the SEA team manhandled them in the first game. Secret tried a defensive strategy with AM and a core Treant, but Fnatic's aggression was able to suppress and overcome that to claim a 1-0 lead.

While that was going on, finals for FIFA has also been happening. There was a big crowd on the side, and they were loud!


The second game was where Secret drew first blood against Fnatic. They went with a surprise position 5 Axe last pick, and it proved to be a great one as they went on to win all lanes in this game. Despite some resistance from Fnatic, the Morphling and the Weaver were able to do so much - and even the position 4 Rubick who finished with a KDA of 10-2-22. This ended up as the second fastest game of the series. By this time, the crowd has been big and loud - something we did not see the past two days.


The third game was the longest of the series, but it was a one-sided affair. Iceiceice's Broodmother was able to delay the game, as well as the sloppy push attempts of Secret. However, the lead of the European team was just too much, and they just kept the pressure on. Nisha's Weaver had no problem imposing his will, finishing with a 16-1-15 KDA on their victory.

While the third game was playing, the Hearthstone competition on the other side of the venue finished. NaviOOT won a close match against Faeli to earn the title. The Hearthstone community got together after the event for a nice photo.


Fnatic took the Weaver, Earth Spirit, and CM that Secret played last game, and retained their Invoker and Necro in the fourth match. Meanwhile, Secret tried to be cheesy with a last-pick Huskar, which in foresight didn't look too good against a Ques-Wex Invoker and a Necro. That proved to be the case as Fnatic pressured and punished Huskar (with Earth Spirit always in position against him), putting him to an unforgiving 0-6-0 start. Fnatic eventually won the game and kept their hopes alive in this competition.


Everything is at stake in the final game. Unfortunately for Fnatic, Secret's last pick Medusa totally caught them off guard. The usual hard-farming hero did not need a lot of time to farm, and she was uncontested most of the game. Fnatic had to call GG as they had no answer to Medusa, who at that point has more net worth than Fnatic's top two heroes. Nisha racked up 328 last hits in the lopsided 27-minute game.

With that victory, Secret claimed the title of the inaugural season of the PVP Esports Championship. This is Nisha's first LAN title, and also Team Secret's second consecutive title in Singapore. The last major Dota 2 event in Singapore is the Nanyang Dota 2 Championship held last October 2015.


We were able to get some insightful interviews, and we will share them to you later this week! Watch out for them.

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