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Singapore's 200,000 USD PVP Esports Championship starts tomorrow

The first Dota 2 LAN event post-TI8 will kick-off tomorrow in Singapore. There will be a 200,000 USD prize pool, with another 100,000 USD allotted for games Arena of Valor and Hearthstone.

The new season will have its debut tomorrow. Albeit not a DPC event, nine Dota 2 teams will clash against each other in the PVP Esports Championship in Singapore. Six of the participating teams are the winners of their respective national qualifiers, while the other three were directly invited.


The invited teams are all heavyweights in the game. Not only are Fnatic, Secret, and PSG.LGD veteran teams, they have also played in TI8 and are bound to the upcoming KL Major. If the qualifier of that latter is also our basis, those three teams are also currently the strongest in SEA, EU, and CN respectively.

The other six teams are:

  • KSY from Australia
  • Admiral from the Philippines
  • Resurgence from Singapore
  • Hashtag from Thailand
  • Signify from India
  • Boom.ID from Indonesia

The three invites and nine teams in total make up for an odd number and an interesting format. The six qualified teams will play a best-of-one round robin, with the top three teams advancing to the next stage. Fnatic, LGD, and Secret will bypass the first stage as they are placed directly into stage 2.

These six teams will then be split into two groups, and the teams in the group will play against each other. The bottom team in the group will be knocked out, while the top two teams will advance in the crossover single-elimination playoff stage.

While the tournament days are officially from the 3rd to the 7th of October, only the final three days are open to the public. Doors at the Suntec Convention Centre will open at 10 am SGT, with AoV and Dota 2 games being played on stage.

The event has been highly anticipated, with tickets being completely sold out before the tournament even started. This is a positive change, as crown turnout has been a challenge before in Singapore.

Adding to the interest of the fans is the star-studded talent cast. Sheever will be the host for the Dota 2 competition, while Capitalist, Fogged, ODPixel, Kyle, and GranDGranT will be casting the games.

You can watch the English stream via their official stream.

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