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End of Season: How to Rank Up in League of Legends in Less than A Week

Season 8 is coming to a close.

You'd definitely want to get that Victorious Orianna skin, right?

Be victorious in getting your rank up!

The League of Legends World Championship (Worlds) 2018 concluded with a bang as Chinese team Invictus Gaming emerge unscathed with a 3-0 from their best of five match against Fnatic.

Invictus Gaming take over the Worlds 2018 stage. Photo taken from lolesports Twitter account (@lolesports)

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With the end of season 8 on November 12, 2018, we give you tips on how to (at least) get to the Gold Division to claim your end-of-season rewards!

Drop everything and start playing.

No seriously, we mean it.

Victorious Orianna splash art. Photo taken from League of Legends NA website

Now that you only have a limited time to grind for Gold, you better make the most out of it – and that means logging in and playing League of Legends!

Pick a role you're good at and stick to it.

On which lane do you excel at? Is it down at the bottom lane, supporting? Or perhaps it's getting the last hit on the minions at the mid lane?

Insane. Photo taken from knowyourmeme

Locking in a role you know so well brings you a higher chance of winning your games.

Call a friend.

You already know the drill... It's time to ask a co-summoner for some duo matches!

Photo taken from giphy.com/hyperxlatam

The summoners that play together, rise up the ranks together!

Find inspiration from these Season 8 Rewards.

Depending on the division you end up on, you'll be receiving season rewards from Riot Games.

Bronze and Silver: Honor ward skin; summoner icon

Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master: Victorious Orianna skin, Victorious Chroma, Summoner Icon, Honor Ward Skin

Photo taken from League of Legends NA website

Challenger: Victorious Orianna skin, Victorious Chroma, Summoner Icon, Honor Ward Skin, Challenger Backpack

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Ready for the 12th? Just remember these times for your last game to be counted:

Masters and above - Your game needs to be over (Victory/Defeat screen displays) by 11:45 pm PST on November 12th.

Diamond and below - Your game needs to start (past Champ Select) by 11:59:59 pm PST.  If Champ Select doesn’t end by then, you’ll be kicked out of Champ Select (no penalties).

Good luck and have fun, Summoner!


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