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3 Razer Goodies You Can Win Via Esports Elite: Professional Match Voting

We're ready to get our hands on these Razer freebies!

All you need to do is vote for your favorite teams.

Get these Razer peripherals for yourself!‌‌

Mogul is giving away three premium Razer items for lucky gamers!

1st prize - Razer Blade Stealth‌‌

This 13-inch ultraportable laptop is the perfect book for gamers!‌‌

2nd prize - Razer Elite Chroma Bundle with Nommo Pro‌‌

Get the bundle that's perfect for streaming! Elite Chroma includes a headset, keyboard, a mouse, mouse pad, and a gaming speaker.

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3rd prize - Razer Elite Chroma Bundle‌‌

Superior gaming is where it's at with the Razer Elite Chroma Bundle. Get a headset, a keyboard, a mouse and a mousepad.

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Winning any of these three Razer products is as easy as giving a few clicks!

How to join Esports Elite: Professional Match Voting‌‌

Here are simple steps to follow to get a chance to win the three Razer goodies featured above.

  1. Visit vote.mogul.gg.
  2. Sign up and fill in on the required details.
  3. Browse on the page's upcoming matches and select the match name.
  4. Prediction time! Vote for the team that you think will win the match.
  5. Your statistics will unlock once you won your first vote.

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Every correct prediction will earn you Razer zSilver points which you can exchange for exciting gaming peripherals!


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