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Rebranding Announcement: Mogul Arena is now Mogul.GG!

We are pleased to announce that along with so many updates and changes this year, the Mogul Arena tournament platform will be rebranding effective Nov 1st!

As 2018 almost draws to a close, Mogul Arena is excited to bring you one exciting new feature after another. From VIP subscriptions to the revolutionary Mogul App, Mogul Arena is consistently coming up with better ways to cater to gamers around the world.

On November 1, Mogul Arena will be known simply as “Mogul”. You can find the website at Mogul.GG. In effect, Mogul News will also be moving to News.Mogul.GG. You can keep voting for your favorite teams and winning prizes by playing your favorite games! Don’t forget to bookmark the new website address (not that it’s hard to remember)

Please check our website for more updates!

Sign up and win exciting prizes at Mogul.GG!

Happy Gaming!

MN | Larcey

MN | Larcey

Larcey stumbled upon esports writing 3 years ago and found her niche! She’s balancing an esports career and family life, and owes her multi-tasking ability to MMORPGs.

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