Report: Indian CS:GO star The_Guru admits involvement in selling cheats

Indian CS:GO pro and Slaughter Rage Army captain Bubun “The_Guru” Panday came afloat as he clarified stories regarding the cheating allegations hurled to him by a fellow CS:GO player last month.

Reports surfaced recently when another Indian CS Pro player Gurtej “ProuD” Singh claimed on Facebook that Panday had access to hacks that were allegedly used during the Indian LAN Gaming tournament last December.

The wait is over so Today, we are going to uncover the truth about SRA captain Bubun Panday. There have been many...

Geplaatst door Gurtej Singh op Zondag 20 januari 2019

The incident was further escalated when Panday said Singh tried “to amicably sort the situation”, claiming that the disgruntled star proposed a counter offer that aimed to clean up his name.

In an exclusive interview by eSports Portal, Panday admitted that he was able to complete transactions with a ‘friend’ whom he sold the cheating program for Rs 5000 ($70).

He noted that he wasn’t the one who offered the cheat but it was the buyer who went to him and asked for it. He didn’t design the cheat but rather found it through the internet. And when the cheating program was detected, and the buyer got VAC banned, the alleged buyer then took “revenge” against him thus leading to this point where he was exposed.

“He wanted a cheat. I searched (the) net. Cheating has risk, he took it and got banned.”
“I have a café in my locality. I hosted a local event. So he was like, we agreed that if he goes to the final with the cheat, I will take 50% of his winning. And I will stand behind him so that no one sees him executing the cheat.”

He denied that he personally used the cheat  - along with his current team, stating that he won’t let his team get VAC banned for doing so. He also noted that he was not yet a professional player when the incident occurred.


This incident would likely cause penalties across multiple professional organizations. Recently, fellow Indian players Nikhil "forsaken" Kumawat and a certain “Asuragod” were hammered with bans on their respective cases. eSportsPortal already contacted NODWIN Gaming – ESL’s local partner in the country on whether sanctions will be imposed against Panday.


MN | Neil Martinez

MN | Neil Martinez

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