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Report: Valve might acquire Auto Chess

Dota 2 has seen quite a resurgence recently. Earlier, the game amassed 900,000 peak player count, a feat it had not achieved in two years. More recently, the game reached a total of 11 million unique players this month. The last time the same thing happened was back in March 2015.


All this can be attributed in part to Auto Chess, the Dota 2 mod which has become very popular in the gaming community, even among the players that do not play Dota 2. Reports suggest that many new players downloaded Dota 2 just to play the Auto Chess mod.

It seems that history seems to be repeating itself.

DotA was a mod in Warcraft which became so popular that players began downloading WC just to play DotA. The developer of the mod, Icefrog, was picked up by Valve to develop what is now Dota 2. Even Auto Chess, it seems might meet the same fate.

A report by VPEsports suggests that Valve is looking at Auto Chess. Their sources claim that “the tech giant has been thinking of ways to commercialize the Dota 2 mod and offer support and development help as a full-fledged title.”

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It makes sense, as the mod has 4.4 million subscribers, just a few months after it was developed. It can be attributed to its “easy to play but hard to master” gameplay, which has attracted a lot of gamers. The game became so popular that Twitch held their own Twitch Rivals Tournament for Auto Chess, with even Admiral Bulldog taking part in it.  

This can be a great way for Valve to make up for the failure that Artifact was, which now struggles to reach a peak player count of even 1,000 players.


MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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