*warning: Bad/Good puns and jokes are inside. *

Gali- we mean, Birdio, makes his awesome debut in the League of Legends login screen!

April fools is coming to town! Having Galio as the season 8 login screen champion is a nice addition to the game. However, giving him a bird costume to mimic Azir is a much better option. Signifying that the April fool ‘pranks’ of League of Legends is starting to take shape.

![](https://old.gamegeek.gg/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/asad-3.png)Riot Games
Look at his majestic wings. No, not the chicken wings on the bucket, his wings on the- whatever, you guys get it. This skin looks awesome because he can fly through events, capturing turret shots and saving humanity, one chirp at a time. No further details has been set for the price of this piece of nugget. One thing is for certain, he’s a finger lickin’ good champion to play as. And by the way, another skin is also incoming to this patch called: Pizza Delivery Sivir

What other Riot pranks do you remember?

URF! yes, the Ultra Rapid Fire game mode set to bring hell and fun to the summoners. **Sad Amumu! **This one is not a good ‘prank’ by them. Capturing the sadness of our dear mummy, he didn’t get invited to the URF party, therefore, the rising of Sad Birthday Cake Amumu. How about, the skins of “Definitely Not Udyr” or “Definitely Not Velkoz”  those skins were pretty awesome too! Fits perfectly with the theme they are trying to set.

Image result for league of legends pranks gif

Moo-Moo alistar and even Pug-Maw deserves a quick shout out. Even more so, the hilarious Summoner Icons were really ‘Iconic” so to speak. 2014 debut of urf. Spooky Urf, and even “The Thinking Manatee” the great URF is the greatest mascot/practical prank master in Riot games. Getting added are the new ones Birdo and Sivir. What a time to be a League of Legends player. Happy April Fools everyone!

![](https://old.gamegeek.gg/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/asad-4.jpg)Credits to Fandom