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Riot Successfully Distracted Us From Sexism, Former Employee Says

K/DA Akali might have been a success, but behind the champion lies a dark secret

Is the K/DA line-up just a front to divert everyone’s attention from the company’s issues?

Ain’t nobody bringing Riot Games down, down, down

Weeks after a successful debut of the hottest virtual girl group on the internet right now, an issue surfaces against Riot Games.

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Former Riot Games lead engineer arizonabay on Tumblr posted a blog about the K/DA Akali’s sudden popularity gain. The post got reblogs and likes, and got re-posted across multiple social media platforms now including Twitter. Here is a repost by #1 Jaina stan (@xelphaar) which has gained over 12,000 likes now.


Arizonabay expresses a deep hate for working for Riot Games some years ago, especially after developing the champion Akali specifically.

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Arizonabay describes Riot Games as basically a company that treats its employees badly.

“They said I was doing a great job but to keep it up. Don’t worry, it’s going to turn out great, and it’ll all be worth it in the end – recognition, a raise, probably a promotion in short order. They promised me the world. When she finally finished, I didn’t even get to go to the release party, they just walked me out.”

Tumblr user hexcolour further adds his disappointment to the company, as the user complains about all the free advertisement Riot Games is gaining through the K/DA line-up, when in reality one of the people who developed Akali gained stress and an unemployment in the end.

A harsh work environment for the “lesser gender” at Riot Games

Months ago, an issue regarding sexism surfaced involving Riot Games and its women employees. Some of its employees have divulged to have gotten sexist remarks where women in the Riot work culture is treated unfairly.

Sexism is just one of the many problems of a toxic work culture. Exploitation is another. Arizonabay’s story is just one case we have yet to pay attention to.


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