Need reinforcements? Rules of Survival sends Jane Wayne - Love

Send your love with the Jane Wayne – Love.

No typhoon is bigger than the gaming community’s hearts combined.

Typhoon Ompong

Typhoon Ompong (Mangkhut) has ravaged the Philippines and affected 1.4 million of the country’s population. Up to now, some families are still living in centers providing shelters to those who have lost their homes.

But the community will not let them lose their hearts. As various groups have gathered what they can to give aid to these victims, the Rules of Survival team enlisted the help of its massive playerbase and released the new skin, Jane Wayne – Love. All proceeds go to Red Cross Philippines and the donations will be under each player’s name.

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In the Rules of Survival’s Official Press Release,

With a massive of loyal players both on PC and mobile in the Philippines, Rules of Survival has been considered dominating the online game market for a while. Behind the huge success, the online game giant reacted swiftly to the disaster. After the very first heart-stirring post “Survivors fight. We got your back” on social media platform, the team continued implementing a series of actions to encourage their Philippine players.

On each of the following 15 days, every player who has registered in Asia server before Sep 19 th can claim 50 diamonds compensation in game. In addition to such an ordinary reward, the game offers an exclusive item “Wayne – Love” for 1 week only. All incomes from the sale of this item will be donated to Red Cross. Especially, the donation will be under the name of players who purchase this clothing. Their name will be released on the game forum and official website.

Support incoming!

A number of Rules of Survival gamers and streamers have expressed their support in purchasing Jane Wane – Love. You can too! Sport the newest in-game skin and help a friend in need. Win-win!

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