As we bid our last cheers to Season 2, Rules of Survival Season 3 rolls in – Death Race style!

Rules of Survival Season 3

As every season change goes,  the rank data of the ranked games, the current season battle results, and journey data will all be cleared.

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### End of Season Rewards
Tier Master: 50 Advanced Supply Tickets, Tiger with Rose (S2 commemorative set), S2 Master Badge.
Tier Diamond: 33 Advanced Supply Tickets, Tiger with Rose (S2 commemorative set), S2 Elite Badge.
Tier Platinum: 25 Advanced Supply Tickets, Tiger with Rose (S2 commemorative set).
Tier Gold: 16 Advanced Supply Tickets, Tiger with Rose (S2 commemorative set).
Tier Silver: 8 Advanced Supply Tickets.
Tier Bronze: 5 Advanced Supply Tickets.
### ![](

15 squads. One vehicle each. Death Race game mode begins!

Take your pick captain! On this Death Race, the team captain can select ONE vehicle they want to use throughout the whole race. Pick between a roadster, battle jeep, off-road car and a pickup.

Instead of looting separately, the whole squad takes their vehicle (no, you can’t leave) and loot together while inside it. Shoot huge loot crates scattered around the map to get random loots for the team. Each crate contains loots like ammo, guns, first aid kit, etc.

How crazy is it? Well, grab springs and boosts for your vehicle and make it do a high jump like your cheating high-jumping neighbor – and that’s just one of the power ups.

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Rules of Survival Season 3 Patch Notes Here:

1. New Content

  • Added a Death Race game mode. Players need to download and install the latest installation package before they can access the new mode. This mode can accommodate up to 15 teams of 4 players each. The captain can choose any suitable vehicle from a roadster, battle jeep, off-road car and a pickup. Eachteam drives the same car. Players need to make full use of the setting and resources available as they race freely and do battle on Ghillie Island. The last team standing wins the game.
  • S2 has officially ended, and S3 has begun. Unlock the S3 Special Training Manual and complete the special training missions for special training points.Advance the training level to receive the corresponding special training reward. Unlock the distinction order to receive more bonus distinction orders as rewards; Once the new season begins, the rank data of the Ranked Games, the current Season Battle Results, and Journey data will all be cleared. All players who have participated in the Ranked Games will receive season rewards according to their tiers.
  • Activated the character level system. Players can gain experience to upgrade the level of their character by fighting in battles (other than custom rooms) or by taking part in the special training described in the manual in order to receive gift packs of the corresponding level.
  • Added room card items. Players can buy and use 1-day, 7-day, or 30-day room cards from the Gift Pack page of the Store to obtain the permission to create a custom room for the corresponding number of days. There is a limitation of 1000 custom rooms for each server. Players cannot create a room even though they have obtained the permission once 1000 rooms have been created.
  • Added a friend recruitment system where players can invite friends to play the game. Invite more friends to get more rewards!

2. General Experience

  • Optimized the sounds of the suppressor.
  • When a bullet hits a barbed wire fence, there is a certain probability that it will penetrate the barbed wire fence and continue.
  • Improved artistic effects. Optimized the visual effects of sports drinks and airdrop supply boxes.
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