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SA team Playmakers disqualified from ChongQing Major

Playmakers was found to be in violation of rules during the ChongQing Major Regional qualifiers for South America

Dota 2 seems like a hotbed of controversy these days. There has been more action out of the game than in-game. This is the real meta game. First the racism scandal in which the Chinese government have allegedly gotten involved and now cheating in the regional qualifiers of a major.

The team in question which has been found cheating is Playmakers from Peru. Starladder had posted a tweet confirming that the team had indeed been disqualified. Playmakers had faked the identity of their stand-in player. They claimed that the stand-in was Mogur, but it was found that he was, in fact, playing in the WESG America qualifiers at the same time.

According to GosuGamers, their original player, Abraham "Kingteka" Canez allegedly told Playmakers that he did not want to/could not play in the qualifiers. Following this he was kicked out of the roster. This incident reportedly happened an hour before the game was scheduled, and Playmakers actually took a default loss due to not showing up on time.

Why Playmakers hid the real identity of the player is not known. The team had received a direct invitation to the closed qualifiers and were performing well. They had their deciding match against Infamous Young (the same team against which they were supposed to play prior to disqualification). They had earlier defeated them easily by 2-0, though they conceded a loss within 21 minutes while playing with the stand-in.

This isn't the first time a team has been disqualified in the South American Qualifiers for violating the rules. During the TI8 qualifers earlier this year, Juan "Atuun" Ochoa, the carry for Thunder Predator from Peru, was found using Macros on his mouse. The team was later disqualified from the tournament by Valve.

We have contacted Playmakers for their comments but have received no reply as of yet.


MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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