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Sadokist issues an apology after his on stream fiasco

The CS:GO commentator says that he won’t be attending the Pro League this week and that “as of now, it is unclear what comes next.”

CS:GO commentator Sadokist created quite an uproar when he used a racial slur against his friend and then later asked a community member to kill himself. The incident occurred during a live stream to celebrate his birthday, and he appeared under the influence of alcohol. Since then, he received a community-wide backlash, and the sentiments on r/LivestreamFail were quite against him.

Earlier today, Sadokist posted an apology relating to the incident on Facebook, and across all of the social media platforms.

Speaking of the incident, Sadokist said he was extremely angered at his own behaviour when he saw the video. He said,

“There are no excuses for what I said. Racism of any variety is absolutely despicable, and unacceptable. No person is void of judgement for their own actions, and that applies to me as well. While I appreciate people trying to play down the situation, there are no grounds to do so.

He continues,

“It is disgusting that a human should receive anything less than equal treatment due to their skin colour at birth. Anyone who knows me personally would attest that I don’t stand for it. I have called out others in our community for less, and hold myself to the same accountability.”

Sadokist also revealed that he will not be attending the Pro League this week, and said that it was his own decision. Furthermore, he mentioned that he had considered moving away from esports altogether in July last year, possibly a foreshadowing of what is to come.

Writing about his altercation with a CS:GO community member, Don Haci, he said that it was wrong the way he brought out his personal grievances against him in public. He said that Don Haci had “harassed” him “as well as other members of the community” but, “suicide and mental health are both far too serious of an issue to speak crudely about.”

Originally written by Rudraaksh on for GameGeek.gg