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Dota player Sammyboy accuses Loomdun of sexual harassment

"It got to the point where I would turn my stream on so this stuff wouldn't happen for a little while".

An accusation of sexual harassment has rattled the Dota 2 scene. The accusation comes from Sammyboy, who is a player for the North American Dota 2 team Vendetta.

In a post on Twitlonger, he revealed the ordeal.

"...we started preparing for minor qualifiers and he was drafting for us. We talked about how it would be important to draft in person and so I offered for him to come to my house for the weekend qualifiers and for Lokarn/Gunnar/Robotvice etc to come as well for a mini boot camp. It ended up not being able to work out for the rest of the team but Loomdun did decide to come and that began one of the weirdest and just all around awful 3-4 weeks I've experienced."

He revealed that he did not want to go into details, but said that he was sexually harassed in his own house in front of his roommates, like constantly "trying to do stuff" while Sammyboy was drafting for the official matches.

"It got to the point where I would turn my stream on so this stuff wouldn't happen for a little while or have my roommates open my door for me while I was playing (which he would get up and close)."

He also accuses Loomdun of not discontinuing his advances even though he abundantly made it clear that he was straight.

As a response, Loomdun made a post on Reddit. He later completely edited it, but here are the screenshots to the original post (all images from imgur):

In the original post, he mainly talks about his problems with Blitz. Regarding the accusations by Sammyboy, he said:

"But I am here to respond to hopefully diffuse and explain the situation I liked Sammy, yes. What he said was completely over-exaggerated and over-blown."

But there were a lot of people to corroborate Sammyboy's story on Reddit.

Shredder, who is also an ex Dota 2 player and Sammyboy's roommate talked about the rumors he had heard about Loomdun in the past and also what allegedly happened at the mini bootcamp.

"We had a bed here for Loom but he kept trying to sleep in Sam's bed. Sam told me that during drafts for officials, Loom would massage his shoulders but Sam didn't say anything because they were in a match."

RobotVice, Sammyboy's teammate, added more details to the issue:

On the Reddit post, Blitz commented that he had already warned Vendetta's captain, Gunnar about Loomdun, which Gunnar himself corroborated.

Since the tweet, Dota 2 personalities have expressed support and respect to Sammy for speaking out.


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