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Sammyboy has an issue with Complexity Gaming’s roster

Sammyboy, in a tweet, raised the issue of Complexity’s players going back to their home countries as soon as regional NA qualifiers for Bucharest Minor ended.

The NA qualifiers for the Bucharest Minor just recently ended, and TeamTeam won the finals against Complexity Gaming, thus earning the slot at the tournament. But looks like not everyone at TeamTeam is satisfied with the win. Specifically, Sammyboy. In his latest tweet, he mentions that Complexity Gaming has 3 players from SEA and 1 from EU, who went to their home countries as soon as the NA qualifiers for the Bucharest Minor ended.

For some context, previously, CCnC’s team ex-Pain ex had been disqualified after winning a South American qualifier as their team had North American players who stayed and practiced in NA. Valve later disqualified them, saying:

“The reasons for guaranteed spots for each region is because we want to help nurture competitive growth in different regions, as well as have regional representation for fans around the world.”


As for Complexity, the three players from SEA are Meracle, Deth and 343. The player from EU is Limmp, a Swede. In the last three months, Meracle has played 220 games on SEA server and only 83 on NA, Deth is at 444 on SEA and 81 on NA and 343 has 141 on SEA and 71 on NA. It should be noted that the the SEA players joined the team on Nov 24th, which is almost just a month ago.  

Many personalities came out in defense of the players, noting that they must have gone home to spend time with their families as it is the holiday season.

There might be differing opinions on this, but what everyone does agree is that Valve needs specific and clear guidelines regarding this issue and Dota 2 in general.



MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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