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After a winless season 1, Shanghai Dragons finally gets a W in Overwatch League

At last, the long standing 42-game losing skid is finally ended as the Shanghai Dragons punch a match victory at the second season of the Overwatch League.

Image from Shanghai Dragons Facebook page

Blizzard Arena erupted with cheers and anticipation as the last series of Friday’s OWL Stage 1 matches ended in such a high note. The Dragons managed to upset the Boston Uprising 3-1 including a strong opener in Ilios and a third map thriller in Horizon Lunar Colony that ended 5-4 favoring the Shanghai squad.

Audiences clamored for DPS player Yang "DDing" Jin-kyeok when he took over for Shanghai with his Sombra, claiming the match MVP award as his hacks and EMP became integral for their winning plays to cap the much anticipated victory in Horizon.

The elusive win was not easy to claim.

After finishing 0-40 in Season 1, the Chinese organization opted for a major roster revamp by parting ways with their Chinese players and then adding Korean talents from Kongdoo Panthera’s lineup along with former Boston Uprising main tank Young-jin "Gamsu" Noh. Only Lu "Diya" Weida and flex tank Kim "Geguri" Se-yeon remained from the last year’s lineup.

In an interview from ESPN, Gamsu claimed that there was pressure despite the team overhaul primarily due to the team’s name being attributed to the horrible record.

"The staff is the same staff, but we have a new coach and new players, and they can still feel the pressure from the losing streak. Also, we lost the first two games, so they were getting more pressure and more nervous.”
"First of all, every time when I went to practice, everyone is kind of sad because of pressure from the losing streak. I really wanted to break the mood, so today I was so happy to break that mood. I want to bring this energy to the next match."

This victory will be memorable for Shanghai Dragon fans who waited for a whole year for this moment to happen. Whether the Chinese group would take this as motivation to pursue a winning streak or go back to their usual ways will only be left for us to spectate as the Overwatch League continues.


MN | Neil Martinez

MN | Neil Martinez

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