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How To Sign Up At Mogul's Tournament Platform

Joining an esports tournament is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Register now and kickstart your esports dream with Mogul.

1. Create your Mogul account.

2. Select the tournament you want to join.

In the tournaments tab, matches from different games are displayed.

After selection, you will be taken to the specific tournament's page. Hit "Register Now".

3. Validate your game account.

To register, you will be instructed to login your Steam account.

4. You are now verified!

A page notification will appear to remind you of your upcoming tournament. Take note of the date and time and make sure to check back when it's game time!

For tournaments to be played in groups or teams, create or join a team to participate.

If you are not a member of any team, an option to create a new team is available.

Loads of tournament prizes are up for grabs. Start competing now in one (or all) of Mogul's daily, weekly and finals cup!

MN | Lara de Guzman

MN | Lara de Guzman

Lara has been a full-time gamer while being a Marketing Supervisor, Ground Attendant, Culinarian or Wonder Woman on the side.

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