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Silver Slam Centerstage: Trollloli

Get to know this streamer that's so cheery, she had to put it on her name.

A warning sign, maybe?

"I'm Ara, also known as Trollloli. It's short for troll cause I often troll my teammates and loli cause people used to call me a loli (someone who looks short /young for her age)."

Trollloli cosplaying as the Rebel Xayah from League of Legends

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Gaming since Super Mario

Our resident troll recalls how she started gaming: borrowing her cousin's Game Boy to play Super Mario. Soon enough, she had her hands on other platforms like Nintendo and PlayStation. She then learned shooting games like Counter-Strike and MOBAs such as League of Legends and Dota 2.

While enjoying the games, Ara said she had dreamed about being a streamer - which she started doing last year, with big thanks to her boyfriend.

"If it wasn't for his support, I don't think I am here today. There are many times he helped me not just in streaming but also with my outlook in life."

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Trollloli in one of the gaming events in the Philippines last year

A rebel in her own way?

When asked about what sets her apart from other streamers and influencers, Ara did not hesitate to mention how she thinks most streamers are taking care of their image. She pointed out how others maintain a "nice guy/ gal personality" on stream. To Ara, streaming means being carefree and nonchalant. She streams the way she feels like it, and does not care about "people's judgement". Take it or leave it.

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Cosplaying as the Fae Sorceress Lulu from League of Legends

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Fast-forward and trolling aside, Trollloli is getting a kick out of streaming and being a part of Silver Slam!

"Mogul is one of the best platforms to look for especially in the esports scene as they have a user-friendly site for you to browse through, and now with Silver Slam, joining and checking updates is a piece of cake."

Now, how can we not agree to that?

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