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Silver Slam Centerstage: YouJaceGaming

YouJaceGaming, known outside streaming as Jace Corpuz, is a former Game Master (GM) for Level Up!/Playpark Inc. who now streams for top SEA esports talent agency Tier One.

Jace is a streamer for a wide variety of games. He has dipped into some MMORPGs, MOBAs, FPS, and even rhythm games. He got into streaming because of his older brother and friends who, as he would put it, would interact while playing their favorite games together on livestream. But his biggest influence, he says, is none other than cosplay and streaming celebrity Alodia Gosiengfiao. The cosplay goddess has created a brand in Tier One and has helped other streamers, including Jace, reach their goals.

It may be difficult to establish a following online, but Jace is all about the experience. With the number of games he has played over the years, he says he has learned to interact with different kinds of gamers.

In an interview with Mogul News, Jace talks about being a variety streamer and his interesting name.

Easily called Jace, he said his friends call him Jace or YouJace, taking from his gamer/streamer tag.

I'm a former Game Master of FPS under Level Up! Inc. / Playpark Inc. Now, I'm an Amplfy streamer under Tier One Entertainment and a Facebook Gaming Partner.
I played a lot of games from FPS (First Person Shooting), MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) , MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and I even played Rhythm games but now I'm currently streaming Dota 2 and planning to try and stream other games as well.

No stranger to the gaming community, he mentioned how he engaged himself and built a small community for his friends and supporters last year in 2018.

Mogul Online Tournament

Mogul 5vs5 Online Tournament again! Custom Games and Party MMR later #AMPLFY #YouJaceGaming #Dota2

Geplaatst door YouJace Gaming op Woensdag 13 februari 2019

More than enjoyment, interacting with many gamers, according to Jace, gives a memorable and rewarding experience for a streamer like him.

As we asked him about how he feels about the growth of the industry, he cannot miss out on expressing his appreciation for it.

I was amazed on how esports became a trend nowadays. As a part of the industry, as a gamer, I'm so grateful that esports is becoming well-known.
Esports has given a chance for every gamers and streamers to make their passion as their careers in the industry.

Being one of Silver Slam enthusiasts, Jace explained how Silver Slam helps amp up his stream and why it works.

While Silver Slam is perfect for gamers who want to enjoy and experience competitive gaming in their favorite games, the Mogul platform is also very appealing for every viewer.

"The content of Mogul captures the interest of every gamer who wants to explore and experience the competitive gaming through their platform. You can play your favorite games and earn exciting rewards."

How can your gaming experience be better than that?


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