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Play Against These Influencers in Your Favorite Game!

Up for a game against these gaming personalities?

You betcha!

Play like you should play.

Silver Slam is now on its second week, and if you’re not playing then you’re missing out on A LOT!

Aside from playing your favorite online games and earning Silver Slam points, you also get a chance to play with these influencers for League of Legends and Mobile Legends tournaments!

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All you need to do is play in the Quick Cups to be in the draw to win a wildcard. From there, you get to play against your favorite influencer. That’s sick!

The Squad

Register for Silver Slam to compete in daily League of Legends Quick Cups. Win your wildcard and play against The Squad to compete for a prize pool of 3 million Razer Silver and P300,000 ($5,700).

Play League of Legends against these influencers!

-Spice Girl K


-Sir Rex

-Yanna Banana


-Jhanelle Trias








-Een Mercado

-Razzie Binx


Note that this list is available for PH users only.

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There’s also a different squad for the Mobile Legends Quick Cups:


-Jay Perillo


-Roller Gaming

-Jayzee Gaming

-Mycah Sasaki


-Jervy Del Los Reyes









-Exile Gee

-Chin Valdes




Note that this list of Influencers is available all throughout Asia.

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How does it work? All you need to do is register at MOGUL.gg, join a quick cup, win a wildcard, and play with the squad! After joining the Quick Cup, you are automatically in koour wildcard pool. It’s that simple!

We will inform all winners of the wildcards three (3) days before the event. Please make sure to check the email address that you used for registering in the Mogul website.


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