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Now live on Silver Slam: Apex Legends

EA's newest battle royale craze launches on Silver Slam today!

Have you decided on who to pick between Apex Legends' lineup of outlaws, soldiers, misfits, and misanthropes? Well you better get set soon as Apex Legends is now hot and ready on Silver Slam!

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The biggest online tournament to hit the Asian region meets the hottest game to date.

Silver Slam, with over 50 Quick Cups across all its game titles every day, gets more competitive and exciting with the addition of Apex Legends.

Mogul's jumped on the Apex Legends craze and now offers 17 different game titles to choose from, giving gamers a wider selection of games to compete in.

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Silver Slam Quick Cups - Get in, get out, and reap the rewards!

Starting today, you can play Apex Legends in 3v3 single elimination format on Silver Slam Quick Cups. Register here to join.

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32,000 Razer Silver awaits the 1st place winner, 16,000 Razer Silver for 2nd place and 6,300 Razer Silver for the 3rd place and so on. Accumulate your Razer Silver and exchange for awesome Razer peripherals!

Have fun and play Quick Cups daily to win generous amounts of Razer Silver!


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