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Sneaky is Slay Belle Katarina for the Holidays

Our favorite professional esports cosplayer is back.

Sneaky slays!

Greetings from this Slay Belle!

We're definitely feeling the Yuletide season as Zach Scuderi of esports team Cloud9 shows off his latest cosplay – Slay Belle Katarina!

Photo taken from Zach's Twitter account (@sneaky)

Sneaky is back to cosplaying League of Legends characters and this time with The Sinister Blade, Katarina, all dressed up for the holidays.

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Photo taken from Zach's Twitter account (@sneaky)

This Christmas cosplay was possible with the help of portrait photographer Martin Wong and Sneaky's make-up artist (and girlfriend) Esther Lynn.

Photo taken from Zach's Twitter account (@sneaky)

Sneaky's Slay Belle Katarina cosplay make-up was so well done, Scarra of Offline TV almost didn't even recognize him!

Sneaky's previous League of Legends cosplays

This AD Carry for North American team Cloud9 has had some memorable cosplays in the past, particularly in the MOBA League of Legends.

Zach's first League of Legends cosplay was an unofficial skin 0f Urgot – Star Guardian Urgot. Photos were released during the hype of the Star Guardian skin.

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Among the versions of Lux's ultimate skin, Sneaky decided to cosplay Dark Elementalist Lux.

For his third cosplay, an almost unrecognizable Pizza Delivery Girl Sivir came out. Sneaky was highly praised with this particular skin, as everything from make-up to costume to the props is on point.

Photo taken from Zach's Twitter account (@sneaky)

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Sneaky also cosplayed a Star Guardian for the second time. He picked the green guardian, Soraka, to be his fourth League of Legends cosplay.

Recently, Sneaky teamed up with 100 Thieves's Bang for a special cosplay during All-Star 2018.


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