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New Challengers Have Arrived: Deepmind AI Dominates Pro Players in Starcraft II

Will bots be taking over esports in the future?

The Artificial Intelligence industry once again proves itself in an online game.

An official AI team, soon?

Real-time strategy game Stracraft II is in the spotlight right now, as an interesting technological advancement just took place.

Photo taken from James Temperton's Twitter account (@jtemperton)

In partnership with Blizzard, Google’s DeepMind held a special demonstration of StarCraft II featuring their artificial intelligence agents. Professional Starcraft players have been beaten in their own game, 10-1 in a series of showmatches against DeepMind AIs.

Present in the game were American player and commentator Dan “Artosis” Stemkoski and Netherlands-based caster Kevin “RotterdaM” van der Kooi.

The live showcase lasted for almost three hours, where the DeepMind AIs dominated the matches. This lasted for 11 rounds, where the human players finally had the chance to beat the AIs, 10-1.

DeepMind’s research co-lead, David Silver, hints at the future of artificial intelligence in games.

“The history of AI has been marked by a number of significant benchmark victories in different games… And I hope – though there’s clearly work to do – that people in the future may look back at (today) and perhaps consider this as another step forward for what AI systems can do.”

The demonstration can be found on DeepMind’s YouTube and Twitch channels.

AIs in video and online games?

This isn’t the first time AIs have shown off their potential, as a slightly similar case happened last year in Dota 2’s OpenAI, where matches were cleanly swept by bots in Valve’s MOBA game.

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Aside from AIs, we’ve also got other technological advances in online games, like virtual reality and augmented reality.

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What will the future of esports be like with these amazing innovations?

Watch the full stream of the DeepMind StarCraft II Demonstration on YouTube.


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