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Here is the Starladder ImbaTV Minor Qualifier schedule and the closed Qualifier invites.

The Starladder ImbaTV Minor will take place before the Dreamleague Season 11 Major.

The second round of Dota 2 officially ended a few days ago, with Team Secret taking the crown at Chongqing Major and securing a direct invite for TI9. The third round consists of the Starladder ImbaTV Minor and the Dreamleague Season 11 Major.

The dates for the qualifiers of the minor have already been announced, and the qualifiers start on 7th of February in all the regions. The open qualifiers will go on from 7th Feb to 8th Feb, and the closed qualifiers will commence on 9th Feb and end on 13th Feb. They will take place on FACEIT.

Source: StarLadder

You can register for the open qualifiers here:

•  North America — 1 spot to the closed qualifiers

•  South America — 2 spots to the closed qualifiers

•  Europe — 3 spots to the closed qualifiers

•  CIS — 2 spots to the closed qualifiers

•  South-East Asia — 2 spots to the closed qualifiers

The winners from each region will receive an invite to the LAN finals, while the top 2 teams from the CIS and China regions will receive the slot at the minor.

The invites for the closed qualifiers have already been decided:

South-East Asia: Boom-ID, Lotac

CIS: Gambit, Old but Gold, The Pango, Pavaga

North America: 4-6 places of DreamLeague Season 11 Qualifiers

China: Vici Gaming, Aster, Royal Never Give-up

Europe: 4-6 places of DreamLeague Season 11 Qualifiers

South America: rei do picole, Thunder Predator

Here is the complete schedule of the closed qualifiers:

South-East Asia — February 9-10, kickoff at 6:00 CET

• CIS — February 9-10, kickoff at 13:00 CET

• North America — February 9-10, kickoff at 22:00 CET

• China — February 11-12, kickoff at 6:00 CET

• Europe — February 11-13, kickoff at 13:00 CET

• South America — February 11-12, kickoff at 22:00 CET

The winner of the Starladder ImbaTV MInor will receive a spot at the DreamLeague Season 11 Stockholm Major, and 120 DPC. The minor will take place in Kiev, Ukraine.


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