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Steam to be officially launched in China

With a few buts though

Valve has finally launched Steam in China. Officially. In an event held today, it was announced that Valve will be launching their platform in China with the help of Perfect World. The companies will be working together with the Shanghai Government to work out the details of the launch. As of now, no date has been announced.

If you are not aware, companies require a gaming license to sell their games in China. And this enables Steam to come into China officially. Earlier, Steam was in a grey area in China, and the Chinese government had banned the access to Steam Community for the users. And this is exactly why Chinese gamers are fuming over the coming of Steam China.

The version of Steam that was accessible to the gamers in China was the international version of Steam. Now, with the coming of Steam China, Valve will have to comply with the Chinese regulations and will have to obtain the licenses for the games. As one user points out (via Abacus), 'The Wall' will limit the number of games available on Steam. There is also the issue of Chinese government not issuing any new gaming licenses to new games.

The coming of Steam China is certainly going to make the market more competitive. It is going to face fierce competition from WeGame, which is a steam like platform made by Tencent in partnership with Riot games.

Apart from announcing Steam China, Valve also announced that their premier Dota 2 event, The International 9 will indeed take place in China. This announcement comes after the recent racism controversy that has plagued the Dota 2 scene. Many believed that the government intervention, wherein the ChongQing government is allegedly involved in banning two players from the Chongqing Major, will make Valve rethink their plans about hosting the tournament in China.

MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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